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Students Full Name: Distance Lestraught
Students Preferred Name: Dist
Students Date of Birth: December 12th
Students Age: 17 years old
Students Grade: Level: 12th Grade
Students Gender: Male
Students Hair Color: dark brown
Students Eye Color: Blue with hazel around the iris
Students Vision: Perfect eye site
Students Area of Study: Performing Arts: Dance with a side of Stage
Students Dorm: To be placed in by headmistress
Students Family: My mother Noella, no siblings, no father
Students Sexual Preference: Both, I try to leave my options open.
Students Background:

 I was born to a single mother who, for the most part, had no trouble at all raising me. There was never any financial trouble, Noella came from a rich family back in France, and never had to work a day in her life. Now, it is understandable if a single parent was working a job to support the family that she wouldn't be able to always be around the child or properly pay attention to their only son. That if they could not watch the kid they would bring them to a baby sitter, or day care of some sort. Not Noella. Not Noella in the slightest. As I said, she has never worked a day in her life, but she still hardly managed time to pay attention to me growing up. It was only after third grade did she really start to raise me. Her parents had gotten her help, finally getting her to quit the bottle.

It was also around this time frame, one of the few occasions where she'd relapse into her old drinking habit, that I found out why she drank so much. And why she named me Distance. See, back in France, where Noella used to live, when she was still going to college, she met an American student studying abroad. Instantly it was like a romance movie, where Noella was swept off her feet. She quit college, and against her parents' wishes, followed her sweetheart to American soil. They had been together for not even a total of a year when she found out she was pregnant. Her man, still being in college, didn't want anything to do with the child. Or with the responsibility. Or suddenly with her, for that matter. Noella clung to the last bit of the relationship stubbornly though, and kept his child, and stayed in America, in hopes of winning him back.

I never knew my dad. I always thought Distance was a cool name, that was, until I found out Noella named me that after the break-up she had with my father. I guess, in her way, blaming me for the sudden rift with her lover. Needless to say I stopped having my friends call me my full name. It was an awkward thing to hear as a child, knowing you're the reason your mother isn't happy.

But I digress. This is suppose to be about me, not Noella. So, she was almost sober all the time after that, finally raising me like any normal mother would. I was like a dream. Getting affection from a parent for the first time. And it remained pleasant throughout the remainder of my elementary school, and for the start of middle school.... It wasn't until my seventh grade that she had a bad relapse in her drinking problem. Wanna know the reason for the relapse? "You look just like him" That phrase still haunts my skull. Sent shivers down my spine when I heard it.

At first though, looking like him didn't please her. When drunk she'd yell and scream, or storm off. She'd even throw things... It wasn't like Noella was like this all the time... just at night, when she bit the bottle... She was kind and loving mother during the day. Even packed my lunches. I started to avoid being home at night, staying out till she slept, of passed out. Didn't always work though, what with the whole curfew thing. Cops brought me home more than once, let me tell you.

The yelling and anger hurt, and in a different way than the broken glass, but it was still preferable to what came my last year of middle school. "You look just like him" ...It still gives me goose bumps.

But as I was saying, I'd escape the house whenever she had been drinking, and after a while I became good at dodging the cops. I'd go to parks and hide in slides, or wander around the side streets of suburbia. It was on such a street that I had seen several older kids meeting, under the cover of darkness, in some tucked away back street, near the middle of nowhere. It was the music that had drawn me to them, normally only hearing silence echo the night streets. Well, silence and sirens, but whatever.

So I'd come and watch these kids dance in all sorts of strange fashion each night after night. Eventually I tried doing some of the moves I saw them doing on my own, in my room, but the small space had found me lacking. Not to mention I'd end up breaking something more times than naught. That would make things worse at home, and Noella would get thirstier earlier. So I went out and practiced on my own while I watched these kids dance, when, inevitably, they spotted my. I think it was after I took a bad fall and I made a loud gasp of pain.... Eh, either way, they found me. Reflexively I jumped away, but the kids wanted to see what I could do, and were actually impressed with what I had to show.

Blah blah blah, I know, this is getting to long. So I'll save you some of the details. Anyway, I became a member of their crew and performed along side them, which was amazing. When I danced it was liberating. Like nothing else mattered. Then add the feeling of being watched... ultimate rush. We performed in the streets, until we got scouted for some charity. Now this part of the story is relevant, because it was this charity that put me on the map. It just so happened that the charity made it on the news, and consequently, so did we. Shortly after that small bit in the news I got a letter from Connors’ High, saying they wanted me in their school.

So, I followed Noella's example. I ran away from home and chased after a dream. She eventually accepted it, thankfully, since I return home every summer, but it was pretty bad the first couple times back.

Right. Okay now. I'm done. I'll shut up.
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