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People of Importance:
Tobias Armistice – Self – Sorthan – Mixed blood Elf – Radical – Rogue/Druid
Oberon Armistice – Father – Sorthan – High Elf – Military strategist
Morrigan Bellum– Mother – Norfolk – Wood Elf – Duchess
Maeve Armistice – Grandmother – Ex Sorthan – High-powered Druid
Titania Armistice – Adoptive-mother – Sorthan – High Elf ­– Duchess
Ellette Armistice – Half sibling – Sorthan – High Elf – Maiden
Zoe – Best friend/Ex Best friend  – – – –


Tobias was born in a noble militaristic family in the forests of Sorthan. Unbeknownst till the birth of the boy, his father’s wife, Titania, had no idea he existed. She did not know her husband, Oberon, was seeing a Norfolkian human on the side. On the outside it caused little conflict amongst their fellow Sorathanians, the family claimed adoption. Oberon’s tryst with the wood-elf woman named Morrigan was never acknowledged publically, thus never shaming the family.

Titania was not a good mother to Tobias in his younger years, refusing to accept him into her family. She viewed her adopted son the very symbol of her husband’s betrayal, and generally took a very distant stance on the boy. During the nights she took friendship in her flask, and never bothered with the boy.

Oberon, being a leading commander in the military, was busy most days and nights what with the constant feuding with Norfolk. He was stern and serious in everything he did, and had little patience for Tobias’ lack of strength. The boy was light on his feet, but never strong enough to wield a sword. Tobias came to understand this was the reason his father was so distant.

When in public Titania was a smiling woman, Oberon the responsible father, and Tobias the studious child. On the outside they would be the equivalent to the perfect white picket fence family. Laughing, loving, and caring in public, one would never notice what his home life was really like.

Tobias was left to learn a majority of things on his own, despite the tutors teaching him the basics, which he met all the standards. What came natural to him were things beyond fighting, history, and wart strategy. He was quick with his mind and faster on his feet. He turned sneaking out of the home to an art form of stealth and maneuverability. He spent many days winding the forests of Sorthan, around the marshes, and deep into the depths of the greenery.

The relationship he has with his mother changed when Titania had a baby of her own. Not right away, but slowly over time she came to appreciate Tobias’ presence. Tobias never really knew if his step-sister was Oberon’s child, but if she wasn’t Tobias couldn’t bring himself to fault either her or his mother. Little Ellette was growing, and their father still was not much in the home. Tobias helped Titania as much as he could with raising Ellette, and it was in his acts of kindness to her daughter that Titania saw the person in Tobias, rather than the fling and the hurt. Their interactions grew warm as the years passed on.

However the opposite was happening with his father. Oberon seemed busier than ever with his meetings and councils that he was even scarcer at home. This time he was not out seeing a woman, however he was in Norfolk more often than not. His trips were not known to his family, much less the council. It was late one evening that Tobias found the truth to these acts. Oberon, somewhere along the lines, had sworn his allegiance to Norfolk in secrecy. He was a spy in the Sorthan military, leaking more and more strategies and plans to Norfolk. This shocked Tobias, and left him questioning a lot of things. What Tobias did not know, was that his father was keeping his family in the dark for protection. He did not want to train Tobias in the art of swords, as to keep his son safe and far from the battle fields where the blood flows.

Oberon’s actions pushed Tobias to look at things more gravely.


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