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Salem, who was named Heidyn originally, was born into the wealthy house of Rothmier, to Faranni and Raylyf. His parents had one child before him, his elder brother Vaeril. Soon after childbirth, however, their mother took ill in the morning, and Faranni passed in the night. After that his father left in his grief to go traveling, and disappeared for some time. It was here in his early years that Heidyn was raised by his brother.

After a time their father came back with a new wife Gwynef, and another little girl Phaerl. Gwynef and Raylyf raised all three children with love, doting on them when deemed necessary. It was in this time that they had two more children. Another girl, and the youngest a son: Ulelesse and Taegen.

Once Vaeril reached near maturity Raylyf put him in charge of the house, to take care of the family business and the young children. Raylyf and his new wife left to continue traveling the world, assured that their business and family was safely in order.

With his mother and father out of the picture Heidyn and his brother proceeded to do as they deemed fit. And it was good for a time. Several years after the second break off from the parents, Vaeril found pleasure in the company of Sayrune, another High Elf from a neighboring family. She lent to the aid of raising the kids.

This only lasted so long, however as Vaeril and Sayrune often times left Salem in charge of the children. For the majority of his siblings' lives Salem was the main person raising them. Around this time a girl had caught Heidyn's fancies, and he had taken to following her around when not busy, trying to win her affections. Lydi'aleera, however, didn't pay the boy much mind, nor did she give him the time of day.

When the 'girl of his dreams' eloped with a foreign lover, Heidyn decided to call it quits. He reached his maturity and picked a new name, as is custom for Elves. He started going by the human name Salem, mostly to spite his family. He had a volatile confrontation with his brother, that ended with Salem ditching town and responsibilities. With all the weight of raising kids thrown back on Vaeril, he could not proceed chase.

Salem hitch hiked and traveled around on his own for a bit before getting adopted by some brigands. They took him in and fed him as long as he worked. As long as he did all the work. Salem's patience had a wide birth at this point in his life, and he was determined to not run back home with his tail between his legs.

Late one summer night, when the men that had taken him in were enjoying the pleasures of a ransacked town, Salem wandered off into the marsh land to go star gazing. That wasn't the best idea, as soon he mis-steped and went under. It was here when the Elder God from another plane made contact with Salem, promising him power as long as he pledged himself to the deity.

He eagerly accepted. Part of Salem's mind cracked that day, as it happens when most people come into contact with other worldly beings. He pulled himself from the marsh, and cleared his lungs. Looking out over the town as it burned from his "comrades", the night filled with screams. Salem happily silenced the noise.

This is where his adventure began.

After a couple of years of travel, Salem wound back to the islands where he was born, to check on the young Phaerl, Ulelesse, and Taegen. He slipped in silently, and slipped out just the same, but has remained near his home for the last couple months, trying to figure out what to do next. Something about Glory and the castle was beginning to peak his interests.

Raylyf + Faranni = Vaeril & Salem (Heidyn)
Raylfy + Gwynef = Phaerl, Ulelesse, & Taegen
Vaeril + Sayrune
Salem + Lydi'aleera = nope

Dad and mom have son
Dad and mom have Salem
Mom Dies
Dad leaves
Older brother raises Salem
Dad comes back with new mom and little sister
New mom has two more kids
Dad and mom leave three children in the care of Older brother and Salem
Older brother falls in love.
Older bro ignores Salem and children from love.
Salem raises children.
Salem gains crush on popular elf girl Lydi'aleera.
P unrequited.
Older Bro's girl hits on Salem.
Salem made uncomfortable.
Salem eventually says FUCK IT and leaves.
Responsibility of children shoved back on older bro.
Salem goes traveling, trying to find Lydi'aleera.
Lydi'a had left town with a love already.
Salem travels around with some brigands.
They're assholes and make Salem do the bitch work. Carry bags. you know the drill.
One night Salem almost drowns in a shallow pond.
Horror Terror Eldritch god in the pond. Bestows Warlock abilities.
Cracks sanity like many elder gods do.
Salem murders his encampment.
Walks away whistling.
Zany adventures.
Back in town, checked on siblings without being seen by older broter.
In town for a while. Yeah okay go.
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