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2014-03-18 09:34 pm

Introduce myself? To who?

Students Full Name: Elliot LÄ“ctus Lockwood
Students Preferred Name: Elliot
Students Date of Birth: October 16
Students Age: 17
Students Grade Level: 12th Grade
Students Gender: Male
Students Hair Color: Black
Students Eye Color: Brown
Students Vision: They used to think I needed glasses, but I still saw them.
Students Area of Study: Painting
Students Family: Father and Mother. Grandmother would visit me some times.
Students Background

This story begins and probably will end with the Boogeyman. I just hope it's the sort of story that ends with me living to to see it. )

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2014-03-18 09:38 pm

Introductions introductions

Students Full Name: Distance Lestraught
Students Preferred Name: Dist
Students Date of Birth: December 12th
Students Age: 17 years old
Students Grade: Level: 12th Grade
Students Gender: Male
Students Hair Color: dark brown
Students Eye Color: Blue with hazel around the iris
Students Vision: Perfect eye site
Students Area of Study: Performing Arts: Dance with a side of Stage
Students Dorm: To be placed in by headmistress
Students Family: My mother Noella, no siblings, no father
Students Sexual Preference: Both, I try to leave my options open.
Students Background:

Where to start... )
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2014-03-18 09:42 pm

When All That's Left Is You

Student: Distance Lestraught
English Assignment: 9
Topic: Something That Still Hurts
Part One

Sometimes it's not that time )
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2014-03-18 09:48 pm
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Time To Be A Ghost

?-orphanage 8-adopted 13-'mom makes contact 16-Marked 17-'mom' captured 19-now

So Let Me Disapear )