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I saw it the night I first killed that man. I was across from the bathroom, and the door was cracked open. I could see into the dim space, and something shinned on the wall. It was the mirror. I could see everything that I had done that night in that mirror. My handy work. I smiled as blood ran down my face, and knew that everything was going to be okay. But I was so messy. I had to get the red off. Even though I knew it was necessary, but the police may not smile upon this. Silly people.

So I entered the bathroom, undressed and took a shower there. When I had gotten out, it was steamy and the mirror had long fogged over. I proceeded to dry myself off, and get my pajamas back on. But I needed the mirror to fix my hair, otherwise it really would have been a tangled mess. Would not do. I began combing it out, and wiped my hand across the mirror.

It was there, that instant, where I had first seen it. It... was indescribable. I had never known true horror until I laid eyes on that... thing. It gazed hungrily at me, eyes burning with anger. I screamed. I screamed loud. I guess it was more of a shriek..., none the less, a high pitched noise escaped from me and I ran out of the bathroom, back to all the red. I covered my face, I didn't want to see something so monstrous... I didn't want to see it coming after me.

The neighbors heard, and pounded on the door. After all, a woman screaming in the boys' dormitory was probably a high alert. I rushed to them, thinking I might be saved from that... thing... I threw open the door and pointed behind me and sobbed something unintelligible.

The rest of the night goes by in a rather odd haze. No one saw the thing lurking in the dark. Everyone saw the boy who was no longer here. The rumor that went around was that he had been cheating on his girlfriend with me, and some crazy snuck in and killed him in his sleep, while I showered off. The enforcers said I was in shock. That, not to worry, the death of my boyfriend was done by human hands, not some monster.

But I knew they were right. I was the one who killed him after all. But the thing does exist, and it didn't want me to kill that boy. That's when he came, and whispered things to me. I never saw him, but I could always hear him. He told me that that thing wanted to cross over into our world. That it wanted to reign terror and wreak havoc in our world. It could only do so by slowly poisoning the air, making everyone's lives miserable. But death kept it back! The blood formed some sort of barrier! The thing needed misery to feed off of, but couldn't if they were dead!

He told me that he was the one keeping up the barrier before. That I had seen his work on occasion, and I remembered very clearly. I knew my mom would never have killed my father! He said he mainly went after the deserving, trying to kill only the evil souls. When I questioned why he killed the girl in my high school, after all she was a victim. The man explained that she had volunteered for the cause, that her life wasn't just miserably at school, but at home too. He saved her! Killing two birds with one stone!

But he told me that his power to shadow walk was coming to an end, that he could no longer perform his duty. He told me that it was my turn to save the world. My psychic abilities would help me get away with the murder. See, on the night where I killed, something had awoken deep within me. I had the ability to alter my appearance. I could change the pigment of my hair or skin. I could force my hair and nails to grow, although that left me tired. I could even change my bone structure, my whole appearance! But that hurt. Have you ever felt bones tighten or shrink? How about grow rapidly? Hurts a lot. I try not to do that one often, but only when I get seen by someone else.

So now I save the world once a month, with him guiding me. I may never see this man, but I owe the world to him.
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