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It wasn't something to be feared, but rather, something sacred. Something that would bring happiness. Something necessary. It solved all my problems.

I was born into a warm family. They were one of the few true romances left in the world. They fell in love on their own accord, fought the paper work, and got married. Unlike so many other unfortunate families. My parents happily flaunted this around, acting cute in public, show displays of their affection. This stood out. This got me noticed.

The other kids in my elementary school grew up in normal house holds. The spark in their parent's hearts no where near that of mine. They were jealous. They were hateful. They did things that children often did to people better off than them. The bullying lasted half of that school year, but ended suddenly one day. It was my turn to feed the class pet, and when I had gone in from recess to do so, I found my redemption. I didn't see it like that at the time, no kid would, but there in the cage, the rabbit laid cold and dead. I bawled my eyes out, which had nothing to do with me being easily pushed to tears. Some class mate's of mine heard my wails and came running. They comforted me, cried with me, and we formed something of a bond over that death. Things were better after that.

Till father's company started laying off it's workers, getting rid of the ones that had Marks first. Since he had the second stage: ◯ he felt a lot of stress. From upper management and co-workers alike. No one wanted to lose their job. He started taking it out on me and mama. And it continued. And continued. And continued. And continued. Until... Death saved me once more. Father had disappeared into night, where the full moon was at it's peak. The only thing left was a horrifying amount of blood on the sheets. It was as if he was spirited away by a demon. It reminded me of the blood in the cage back in elementary school, and also, how on that night, it was also a full moon.

It was something of a mystery, how my father died. He was just gone one day. There, then not. It had a lasting effect however, since the cause of death couldn't be proven, nor was there any culprit to blame it on. Mother started to get ostracized by her peers, them thinking it her fault for the disappearance. I knew better. I comforted mama, and told her that something was looking out for us. She would only cry and hug me tightly. Needless to say, the environment was taxing, and not wanting to have another death to fix it, we moved away and started anew.

It took till high school for the rumors to catch up with us. Mama shouldered most of the brunt force of the slander, but you know how teenagers can get, especially an all girls school. They started calling my mama a murderer. Or saying that I was a killer. I'd get shoved around, beaten up in the bathroom, hair pulled, money stolen, projects ruined. The whole nine yards. But I knew I would be fine. They would get what was coming. One of them would simply... But it wasn't how I thought it would go. One of the other girls that got bullied... she committed suicide on the night of the full moon. All the girls backed off then. They left me alone after that. I learnt then that it didn't matter who needed to die, there just had to be a blood sacrifice to fix everything. Happiness called forth blood, and blood called happiness.

You'd think after all this blood that surrounded me, that they would leave me alone. But no, it started up again in college. New people, new lessons I suppose. More of the same torment, but I no longer lived with mama. I had no one to go home to, and no warmth in my dorm. I waited. As sure as I was that the full moon would rise, I knew another death was going to happen. Then it would all go away. Soon.


It wouldn't leave me like this. It was coming. Perhaps next month.

Still no body. No disappearance.

Then it hit me. I couldn't sit around waiting for something to change, something to save me. I had to save myself. So I waited till the night of the full moon, and crept into the boys' dormitory. It was horrifically easy. Not guarded one little bit. I slipped in, and did the deed. That wasn't easy. Not at all. And there was so much blood. Everywhere. But in my past experience, the more blood, the more happiness.

But it was hard to kill, and I knew that just wouldn't do. So, for the sake of my future happiness I dropped out of college, and joined the academy, where I would become an enforcer. Learn combat training, and then maybe, it would be legal to slaughter!

The idea was a success. I was proficient. But once I had dropped out of my school, I realized how dark the world really was. Things whispered to me. The darkness ebbed in closer. I needed to kill again. It would keep it at bay. Keep it in the shadows. I couldn't let it cross over. I had to save the world. I had to kill.

Every full moon.


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